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How to Maintain Your Post Surgery Body
September 30, 2019

How to Maintain Your Post Surgery Body

How to Maintain Your Post Cosmetic Surgery Body

The incredible results seen with many cosmetic surgeries are quite impressive, helping to boost the confidence and self-esteem of patients around the world.

While cosmetic surgery can help you achieve the confident look and feel you’ve been striving for, the results won’t be perfect unless you work for it. Maintaining your post-cosmetic surgery body can be a lot of work, but it will be quite rewarding as well. Here are some top tips and tricks to help you maintain your beautiful post-cosmetic surgery body.

Follow Recovery Instructions Closely

One crucial thing to remember about any cosmetic procedure is that it is a surgery and every surgery, no matter how routine or minor, requires recovery. When you’ve been given a set of recovery instructions, it is important to remember that these instructions are designed to help patients receive the best results from their procedure. In part, the recovery is about getting back to your regular routine as quickly as possible but also to help maintain the results. After all, performing safe and effective procedures is essential to the success of a cosmetic surgery practice.

Healthy Diet and Exercise Is Vital

A key part of maintaining any positive effects from a cosmetic procedure is to maintain a healthy diet and exercise plan. Surgical results aren’t permanent on their own. For example, some patients assume that after a liposuction procedure, they can’t gain any weight or fat back. While lipo can alter where your body stores fat, it is still possible for your body to put back on the fat removed during the procedure. Keeping a healthy diet can prevent fat from returning. A key part of that diet should be hydration. Maintaining high fluid levels after a procedure will ease the recovery and help you maintain the post-cosmetic surgery body.

In addition, exercise offers a plethora of benefits after a procedure. Keeping in motion will ease the pains of recovery. In addition, your body can take advantage of its new appearances by adding improved muscle tone. This doesn’t mean that you must suddenly start doing Spartan runs or training for marathons. Moderate activity is enough to provide the benefits after a cosmetic procedure. The other health benefits of good dietary and exercise habits aren’t too shabby either!

Taking Care of Your Skin After Surgery

Particularly with cosmetic procedures, a top concern for patients after surgery is the potential presence of scarring. While some scarring is likely inevitable, good skin care after a procedure can minimize the issue and really help the work of the procedure shine. This work starts during recovery because keeping any incisions or surgical sites clean will be one of the major tasks of recovery. Not only will it drastically lower the risk of scarring, but it will minimize the risk of any infection as well. Your medical team should provide clear instructions on how to care for any incision sites, which will reduce any scars. In the event scars do begin to form, gentle massage is recommended to break up the tissue and prevent the area from hardening or darkening. Products exist that help reduce the presence of scars as well. These can include surgical tape, which prevents the area from swelling, creams, surgical paper towels, or silicone sheeting. Each of these options can be discussed with your cosmetic practitioner and medical team to help find the best solution for you.

You Are A Huge Factor in Positive Results

No matter how good the cosmetic practitioner, without positive maintenance, the results from a procedure won’t be as effective. Once the practitioner’s job is done, your job begins. However, with a bit of effort, you’ll be able to maintain the results of the procedure without a struggle at all. It starts with a strong attention to detail to the instructions for recovery. Remember, your medical team simply wants the best for you, and the recovery instructions are meant to bolster that. Doing some moderate exercise, not going too intense shortly after your procedure, will help your recovery and procure the results you want. Lastly, a healthy diet will fuel the results and allow them to be long-lasting.

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