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Lip Injections
in Sydney NSW


With the ideal pair of lips, it’s commonly believed that the upper lip should cover part of the upper teeth when the mouth is open slightly, and should be bigger than the bottom one.

Your lips are a part of your face that subtly add more beauty and confidence in the way you look. If you are not satisfied with the volume of your lips and want to achieve a fuller and well-rounded lip volume, then you should think of getting a lip filler.

Dr. Adam Najem can enhance your lips for subtle alterations or make them fuller and more voluptuous by injecting lip fillers. Whatever you have in mind, he will create natural results that are an ideal match for your unique goals and expectations.

What are Lip Fillers?

Lip fillers are a common product used to add volume to the lips. These are made with hyaluronic acid, found within the body, which attracts water to hydrate the skin.

Fillers are injected into the lips to boost their plumpness, enhancing their overall smoothness and softness. These can create a more symmetrical effect, filling wrinkles and/or lines surrounding the lips.

What Does Lip Enhancement Involve?

The area to be treated will be numbed with ice and creams before the procedure. Once the target sites are ready, the prepared filler is injected to plump the lips.

Dr. Adam Najem uses between 1 – 1.5ml in injections, before assessing the results six weeks after the treatment. For some patients, two sets of injections are typically required, according to your own response to the first treatment.

While pain is minimal during lip enhancements, Dr. Najem uses fillers containing an integrated anaesthetic to ease any potential discomfort. Once the treatment is completed, minor swelling may occur in the target areas, though this lasts only one or two days. In rare cases, this can extend to around one week, and bruising appears.

It’s recommended to wear no make-up for at least 24 hours after your lip enhancement. This gives your body the time it needs to recover.

What Changes Does Lip Enhancement Make?

Lip enhancement differs according to your own goals and face. You may find certain effects more beneficial, such as enhanced lip volume, reshaped lips, or wrinkle treatment to refresh the area around the mouth.

Dr. Adam Najem’s lip fillers can change:

  • The lips’ size
  • The lips’ projection
  • The lips’ shape
  • The lips’ borders
  • The lips’ skin

Lip Enhancement Effects

Take Away Signs of Smoking

Lip enhancement can reduce the severity of smokers’ lines surrounding your mouth.

Defined Shape

A lip enhancement procedure brings more volume to the lips, defining their symmetry and borders.

A More Youthful Appearance

Lip fillers elevate your lips, creating a more youthful, upward effect.

Combat Signs of Ageing

Minimise wrinkles and fine lines surrounding the mouth.

Achieve Lasting Results

Lip enhancement results last between six months and one year.

What to expect after the procedure?

After the procedure has taken place, part of what you should expect are the common symptom related to receiving an injection. Reactions like swelling of the injected region, redness, discomfort, itching and softness of the treated part are things you should look out for. The great thing about the symptoms and slight pain you would feel is that they are temporary and only last for a short period.

To deal with the pain you feel, paracetamol might be administered to you; they will be given to treat discomfort and swelling. Make sure that whatever you do, you try as much as possible to avoid aspirin as it can heighten your chances of bruising the injected part. Try to keep the movement around the injected area as minimal as possible.

You should also make sure you try not to expose the affected area for the first few days after treatment to too much heat such as (sunbaking, solarium, etc.) or too much cold). The reason for this is to help you reduce the risk of inflammation around the area that was injected. With time, you will see the products adjusting to your average body temperature, and then you will free to go about doing regular things.

If you have been diagnosed with having no lip tissue, it is advisable to have your cosmetic practitioner help you factor in more lip filler that the average amount that should be used. When the results come out, you will find them more satisfying and rewarding.

Benefits of Lip Fillers

Here are some of the benefits of using lip injections:

Improve your lip volume – There are many delicate procedures to be taken, and Dr. Najem can help you deliver an excellent finish. Once you have decided to have a lip enhancement procedure taken, you can use the lip fillers to get fuller and more beautiful lips.

Define the lip lines – There are lines that often grow beneath and above your lips. With the lip filler, you will be able to get rid of these lines and have a more perfect looking lips.

Professional finish

Dr. Najem along with his staff will take time to administer the best treatment for you and make sure you are satisfied.

Optimising your results

To get the best results out of the treatment, you should go through the standard procedures advised by the doctors and nurse before and after the treatment. When you want to go for a consultation to know if it is ideal for you, you should also tell your cosmetic practitioner your medical history and let them be aware if you use blood thinning medications.

After treatment, try to apply ice for 5 to 10 minutes every 30 minutes. Repeat the process for up to 6 hours in a day, and you should see a significant improvement. You can also try out LED light therapy to help reduce bruising and swelling.

Why Choose Doctor Adam Najem?

Professional touch

Dr. Najem has been trained to help carry out a professional finish on your lips and can help with any other type of cosmetic treatment. He is well experienced and has a proven track record of delivering quality work all the time. He takes his time to make sure due procedures are followed, and you can also attest to the beauty of his work.

Efficient work

Dr Najem’s lip filler procedures are excellent and will always give you a fantastic result. With his lip filler treatments, you will be able to achieve a better lip size; you get lips’ protection, a better lip shape is also obtained. Let’s not also forget that you will get finer lip borders and your lip skin can be changed and enhanced.

Before And After Vaser Liposuction

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Yes, you still need to consult a doctor before the procedure can be carried out. A lot of other factors need to be put into consideration. Part of what is to be considered are the medications you are using before you chose to do the lip enhancement procedure. Another thing to be considered is whether or not you have lip tissue. All those things must be put into consideration before you can be given the injections. Book now for a consultation with Dr Adam.

Lip fillers are not permanent, but they can last for a very long time. The idea behind lip filler is to help you achieve fuller lips and not make them form a permanent structure that makes your lips look odd as you grow older. If you try a permanent solution to your lips, you might end up looking odd when the structure of your face change as you grow older and your lips still look like when you were younger.

Lip fillers can be removed once you are no longer interested in them. With the help of an enzyme, they can be removed, but you will need to be careful as they come with their side effects. You will need to see your doctor to discuss extensively before you have it removed.

No studies have confirmed the safety of filler use in pregnancy or breastfeeding. Dr Adam Najem does not treat pregnant or breastfeeding clients for safety reasons.
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Disclaimer: Prior to considering any cosmetic surgery procedure, it is advised that you learn about the procedure from your cosmetic practitioner. When you visit the clinic, Dr Adam Najem will explain the procedure to you including the risks involved and the realistic results that could be obtained from the procedure.

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