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About us

Meet Dr Adam

Dr Adam is a professionally trained and highly dedicated cosmetic practitioner with many years of experience.
He studied and trained in Sydney, before being given the opportunity to learn about 4D Vaser Liposuction from Dr Alfredo Hoyos in Colombia And Dr Pelosi (USA), Dr Adam and his team’s first priority is the safety and comfort of their patients.

What Made You Decide To Become
A Cosmetic practitioner

From the early stages of my life, I had a great interest in medicine. I had always been fascinated with how doctors have an important role in the wellbeing of individuals and society as a whole. The humane aspect of the profession motivated me, and is continuing to motivate me like nothing else.

Early in my medical career, I was a general surgical registrar, assisting and performing surgical procedures. For more than 5 years as a basic surgical trainee of the royal Australasian college of practitioners Now my passion has shifted toward cosmetic procedures – liposuction in particular. Seeing how happy my patients are and their immediate results is what’s most rewarding.

How Has Treating Others Impacted Your Life?

I feel indescribable satisfaction and happiness from treating my patients, especially when performing body contouring and re-sculpting procedures. Every client is a new challenge, at the end of which I feel a sense of achievement and happiness – perhaps more than the patient themselves! The passion and love I have for my work makes even the longest days pass joyously and quickly.

What's Your Favourite Part Of What You Do?

I am a cosmetic practitioner with a broad experience. I do have favourites though! In particularly Vaser Liposcution. From that, “Total
Body Definer” is my most favourite part – performing enhancements to clients’ body curves.

Where Do You See Your Business 5 Years From Now?

By maintaining the highest standards within our practice, continuous eagerness to improve and grow, and, undying passion for
my work… in the next five years I see our practice as the leaders in Vaser Liposuction and body contouring. I envision us to
have served and helped as many patients as possible to change their lives.

How Are You Adding Value To
People's Lives?

We have contributed to dramatic changes to the lives of many clients over the years. With the help of my wonderful and caring team, we continue to offer remarkable service to our clients and help them be at their very best both physically and emotionally. I’m only happy when my patients are happy.

If Someone Is Thinking About Undergoing A Cosmetic Procedure, What Are The First Steps They Can Take?

Anyone thinking of undergoing a cosmetic procedure should start with extensively research the right cosmetic professional to perform the desired procedure. Evaluating that practitioner is crucial and can be done through
studying reviews, requesting before and after photos and asking for appropriate qualifications. But perhaps just as importantly, the aesthetic touch of the professional and the overall experience they offer.

What Are The Common Mistakes Or Pitfalls To Watch Out For When
Deciding To Undergo Surgery Or Picking A Practitioner?

Some of the most common mistakes are the lack of research, advice, and choosing a low-priced service at the expense of quality. Your body deserves the best and should only be entrusted to the very best of practitioners.

'Cosmetic' Surgery Is Becoming
Increasingly Acceptable In Today's
Society. However, The Industry Can Be
Susceptible To Some Critics. How Would
You Say You Are Contributing Positively
To Today's Society And The Overall Image
Of The Cosmetic Surgery Industry?

We all agree how widespread and popular cosmetic surgery is nowadays, especially with “social media influence”.

Our professional team strive on providing a high-end professional approach targeted to meet to the patient’s needs and realistic expectations. We are constantly maintaining our high standards by attending regular training both nationally and internationally with world leaders in the cosmetic industry.

We differentiate ourselves from others by aiming to achieve “your best natural look”. Our techniques are well known to have minimal and hidden scarring.


  • Diploma of ACAM
    Australian college of Aesthetic medicine
  • Bachelor Of Medicine And Surgery
    Bachelor Of Medicine, Bachelor Of Surgery (M.B.B.S.), Medicine, 1992 – 1998
    Activities And Societies: Doctor
  • Allergan
    Certficate, Injectables, 2015
    Grade: Anti Wrinkles And Dermal Filler
    Activities And Societies: Training
  • Australasian College Of Emergency Medicine
    Written Fellowship Exam, Emergency Medicine, 2015
  • American College Of Emergency Medicine
    Certificate, Diagnostic Medical Sonography, 2011
    Activities And Societies: Ultrasound
  • Diploma Australasian College Of Emergency Medicine
    Activities And Societies: Doctor 2010
  • AMC bridging course from UNSW Australia
    Activities And Societies: Doctor 2010
    International society of Cosmetic gynaecology
  • Member


  • M.B.Ch.B
    Bachelor Of Medicine And Surgery August 1998
  • Total Definer Vaser
    Liposuction, Dr Alfredo Hoyos November 2016
  • Level 1 Certificate Of Cosmetic Medicine
    Bachelor Of Medicine And Surgery August 1998
  • Total Definer Vaser
    American Academy Of Aesthetic Medicine January 2015
  • Silhouette Thread
    Silhouette Lift SL. November 2016
  • Filler And Injectable Injections
    Allergan February 2016
  • Fat Transfer (Breast And Buttock)
    Dr Alfreo Hoyos November 2016
  • Australian Medical Association
    Australian Medical Association (NSW) May 2016
  • Australasian Academy Of Anti-Ageing Medicine (A5M)
    Australasian Academy Of Anti-Ageing May 2016
  • European College Of Aesthetic Medicine And Surgery
    ECAMS: European College Of Aesthetic Medicine & Surgery May 2016
  • Hair Transplant Practitioner
    Dr Tayfun Oguzoglu Advanced Hair Transplant Clinic November 2015
  • Member and diploma The Australasian College Of Aesthetic Medicine
    Australasian College Of Aesthetic Medicine License 854 January 2017
  • Coolscultping Treatment
    Lumenis January 2017
  • Advanced Facial Fillers
    Galderma March 2017

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