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IV Therapy
in Sydney NSW

Iv Therapy Can Leave You Feeling Refreshed And As Good As New.

It may be performed to treat a number of complaints, and brings fast results. Perhaps you’ve been drinking alcohol more than usual, or feel dehydrated. You may need more energy, or want to give your immune system a boost. Whatever the cause, IV therapy could be the ideal rejuvenating solution for you.

What is IV Therapy?

One of the main reasons to undergo IV therapy is a hangover, otherwise known as acute alcohol withdrawal.

Nausea, headaches, difficulty concentrating – most of us know the symptoms.

Another common motivator for patients receiving IV therapy is dehydration: if you feel thirsty and can’t quench it no matter how much water you drink, this could apply to you.

Water is vital for each cell within the human body, and they can’t perform as they should without it. Experiencing chronic dehydration may lead to such symptoms as dry skin, headaches, skin problems, dry lips, dry mouth, nausea, and feelings of fatigue.

You might also feel like you can’t get enough sleep and are suffering with exhaustion, or want to help your immune system perform better.

Dr. Adam Najem offers effective IV therapy to treat all of these complaints.

What Does IV Therapy Involve?

We create different IV combinations to ease hangovers and chronic dehydration.

For alcohol-related IV therapy, the mix includes Toradol to reduce your headache with its lasting pain-relieving qualities, Zofran to treat your nausea, as well as B vitamins and antioxidants for a little boost,

Dr. Najem’s IV therapy for dehydration lasts around half an hour. It is an electrolyte-rich solution used to increase blood volume and perfusion during operations, boosting circulation, vitamins, and minerals.

It’s common for people to feel overworked and under-relaxed today. If you feel this way, and like you never stop, IV therapy can re-energise you. This mixes magnesium, calcium, sodium, and B vitamins for a fast boost of energy. It encourages strong development of mitochondria, which is the energy creating cells.

You’ll be able to continue your routine without feeling exhausted, and the nutrients improve your immune system too. This can be over and done in half an hour.

Dr. Najem’s IV therapy for weaker immune systems is particularly effective in flu and cold seasons, but can prove beneficial if you feel chronically ill. This is a powerful mix of main cellular ingredients required to maintain a healthy immune system and high energy levels. The IV therapy includes strong antioxidants like vitamins C and B, enhancing your body’s metabolic process to stimulate the immune system.

Why Should You Choose Dr. Adam Najem?

Dr. Najem is experienced in the use of IV therapy as a method to boost energy levels, stimulate the immune system, and more. It is a simple solution for fatigue, dehydration, and other issues resulting from a busy lifestyle.

If you want to learn more about Dr. Najem’s IV therapy treatments, book your free consultation now.

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Disclaimer: Prior to considering any cosmetic surgery procedure, it is advised that you learn about the procedure from your cosmetic practitioner. When you visit the clinic, Dr Adam Najem will explain the procedure to you including the risks involved and the realistic results that could be obtained from the procedure.

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