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Rejuvenate Your Skin with Fractional Laser Technology

  • The Laser Treatment For Visibly Younger Skin & A Unified Complexion
  • Long-lasting Reduction Of Wrinkles. Scars & Hyperpigmentation
  • Advanced Procedure With Minimum Downtime

How does laser therapy work?

Fractional CO2 laser treatment is the most advanced skin
rejuvenation procedure. Where conventional techniques removed the
skin’s entire upper layer, the fractional laser only penetrates the skin with microscopic beams of light. The surrounding tissue remains untouched, enabling the skin to heal quickly as the wound healing process regenerates part of the skin’s surface. In deeper dermal
layers, the laser’s thermal energy simultaneously stimulates
the renewal of skin-tightening collagen.

This revolutionary therapy is much gentler than traditional methods.
It combines rapid, visible results with minimal side effects and minimal patient downtime. Slight swelling and skin redness may occur immediately after treatment. Small crusts will form that can
be concealed, and these will then disappear after a few days. No anesthesia is required.

What can be achieved?

Fractional laser treatment is the ideal rejuvenation therapy for the face, neck, and décolleté. Fine lines can be eliminated entirely, while more pronounced wrinkles can be significantly reduced. The skin regains its natural elasticity; enlarged pores are refined. The fractional laser even achieves good results with scars resulting from accidents, surgeries, or acne, as well as with stretch marks. Hyperpigmentation, such as sunspots, can also be targeted for reduction.

Improvements in skin texture and wrinkle depth are often visible after only one session. For optimal results, around 4 treatment sessions are recommended, a few weeks apart, to ensure firmer, more beautiful, and youthful skin.

In addition to fractional treatment, the CO2 laser is also suitable for the ablation of benign skin growths such as keratoses, warts, or xanthelasma.

As the years go by, our skin is exposed to the detrimental effects of time, sun exposure, and other environmental factors, leading to the formation of wrinkles, scars, and brownish spots. Skin loses its natural elasticity, while its appearance becomes less smooth and unified.

Various treatment methods claim to alleviate these aging signs. Fractional laser therapy has established itself among the most effective of these methods, it significantly reduces wrinkles and scars, stimulates collagen synthesis, fades sunspots, and promotes a more even complexion. The skin gains greater elasticity and a more unified tone, for an overall more youthful look.

Side effects and recovery time are minimal.

Before & After Treatment
What Should You be aware of?

  • Laser therapy is not suitable for tanned skin Whether you sunbathe or use sun beds, bronzed skin cannot undergo this treatment.
  • Avoid sunlight Avoid direct sunlight (including sun beds) for approximately four weeks after treatment. If exposure is unavoidable, be sure to cover the treated area with sunscreen (highest SPF available) or clothing.
  • Aftercare Avoid exposing the treated area to intense heat, such as a sauna, for up to 4 weeks after the laser treatment.
  • Downtime A small amount of punctiform redness and crusting will affect the skin’s appearance for a few days. Although these can be concealed, you should plan your activities accordingly.

The above pre-treatment and aftercare information does not cover all laser treatments and is not a substitute for the personal information provided by your doctor.

Before & after results

Treatment Results with Alma's
Fractional Laser

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