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Cosmetic Consultation


Starting your cosmetic journey can seem a bit daunting at first.
Here is everything you need to know about your initial cosmetic
consultation with Dr Adam.

Your First Consultation

Undergoing cosmetic surgery of any kind is a major decision. You need to feel comfortable with your practitioner and feel confident in their ability to deliver the results you want.

Dr Adam Najem understands this, and is dedicated to helping you make the best choice for your body, your health, and your ongoing happiness. Your first consultation plays a pivotal part in your decision to go through with one of our cosmetic procedures and will determine your suitability as a candidate.

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Frequently asked questions

Your first consultation costs just $100. This contributes to the overall price of the procedure should you go through with it, though you are under no obligation to do so.

The consultation lasts one hour, and enables yourself and Dr Najem to discuss your potential procedure in depth. Dr Najem will explore your personal goals and the overall life-enhancing results you wish to achieve.

Our friendly receptionist will take your complete medical history just before your first consultation begins. This vital first step gives Dr Najem crucial details upon which to base his assessment.

Furthermore, Dr Najem will discuss what you already know about the treatment you wish to undergo. Patients are encouraged to perform initial research into their preferred procedure, but Dr Najem will also deliver comprehensive details to help you make an informed decision.

A key part of your first consultation is the medical check-up and body assessment, which gives Dr Najem an insight into your current physical condition. It also enables him to understand how well target areas will be improved or affected by the procedure you wish to undergo.

Following your check-up and body assessment, Dr Najem will recommend a few different options available to you. This is your first opportunity to understand how your goals can be achieved, with transparent advice from Dr Najem.

He will deliver an honest opinion on whether you are a suitable candidate for the surgery you have in mind or not. He will explain the factors behind his decision, and offer alternatives you may consider if he feels a specific procedure is not right for you.

Dr Najem will go through the procedure in detail if he deems you an ideal fit. This part of the first consultation covers the entire surgery, to ensure you have realistic expectations and feel comfortable with what lies ahead.

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