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Belkyra Double Chin Injections in Sydney NSW

Stubborn fat around the chin and neck is a major problem for countless people of all ages and is especially common in overweight or older individuals. It detracts from an otherwise balanced profile and gives the person a prematurely aged appearance.

The truth is a double chin can be particularly difficult to get rid of even with diet and exercise. Now you can acquire a more contoured jawline and a more defined profile quickly, safely, and non-surgically with Belkyra chin dissolving injections.

What Is Belkyra?

Belkyra is a type of fat-dissolving injection that is used to treat double chin. It is also known as Kybella in some countries. It contains deoxycholic acid, which is a synthetic version of a fat-absorbing substance that occurs naturally in the human body.

When Belkyra is injected into the fatty tissue under the chin, the deoxycholic acid causes lysis, which destroys the fat cell membrane permanently. With the cell membrane irreversibly damaged, the cells break down and release their fatty contents. The body metabolises the fatty by-product that is released and excretes it from the body.

The destruction and removal of the fatty cells result in a more defined jawline and an improved profile. The irreversible breakdown of the cell membrane and the excretion of the fatty contents makes the result of this treatment permanent. You may need multiple treatments depending on the amount of fat beneath your chin. Between two and four sessions may be necessary to create the definition desired.

What Does The Treatment Involve?

Belkyra double chin reduction is a quick, simple, non-surgical procedure. Before starting the procedure, Dr. Adam Najem will administer a topical anaesthetic to the area that will be treated. This ensures that there will be minimum pain and discomfort during the treatment. He will then administer a series of Belkyra injections focusing on the area to be treated.

How To Prepare For Your Double Chin Treatment

There are no special preparations but it does help to limit your alcohol intake and stop smoking at least a few days before the scheduled procedure as both of these interfere with the healing process.

A big part of preparing for the procedure is a consultation appointment with the cosmetic surgeon. At this appointment, the practitioner will ask you about your medical history and if you are on any medication. They will also do a health check. All of this is to determine whether or not you are a good candidate for a double chin nonsurgical treatment. If you are a good candidate for the procedure, the doctor will then create a customised treatment plan for you.

At this appointment, the doctor will also explain the procedure to you and what to expect after the treatment. They will also give you details about what you should and shouldn’t do before and after the chin injections.

What To Expect During The Treatment

This is an in-office day procedure so you need to arrive at the clinic only a few minutes before the scheduled time. Before starting the procedure, the cosmetic surgeon will first discuss the procedure with you and answer any questions you may have. Both you and the practitioner will also decide on what anaesthetic may work best for your particular circumstances.

Depending on what’s decided, the doctor will give you a topical anaesthetic, local anaesthetic, ice, or a combination of all three to minimise any pain or discomfort in the area.

After all the preparations are complete and you are ready, the cosmetic surgeon will then administer the injections. The exact number of injections that are administered will vary depending on the extent of submental fullness as well as your personal goals. Most patients receive about twenty to forty injections in a session. The entire Belkyra double chin dissolver treatment takes about fifteen to thirty minutes.

What To Expect After The Treatment

This is an in-office nonsurgical procedure so you will be able to leave the clinic shortly after it’s over. There is no required downtime after Belkyra injections, and neither are they any restrictions regarding resuming your daily activities.

However, you should know that immediately after the procedure, there will be some swelling, tenderness, and bruising around the chin area and redness where you received the injections. If your job involves interacting directly with clients, you may want to schedule a few days off to allow these symptoms to subside.

The extent of the swelling, tenderness and bruising will depend on the size of the treatment and the amount of product injected. All of these side effects will calm down within a few days after the treatment and will go away completely after about 2 weeks. There are no permanent visible scars or marks associated with Belkyra injections. It is important to heed your doctor’s aftercare instructions for the best results.

How Long After The Treatment Will I See Results?

The results of Belkyra chin injections are gradual. This is because the body eliminates the fat cells gradually over a period of time. As the swelling subsides and the body gets rid of fat cells, the skin will also gradually start to tighten in the chin and neck area. You will begin to notice a definite reduction of chin fat, a more contoured jaw, and tighter skin around 4 to 8 weeks after your Belkyra treatment.

You may need to schedule additional Belkyra chin injections depending on your personal goals. Most individuals who want to remove excessive amounts of chin fat see noticeable results after 2 to 4 sessions.

What Are The Benefits Of Double Chin Injections?

Belkyra chin injections offer a long list of benefits that make it the preferred treatment for individuals looking to get rid of their double chin.

This is the preferred option for anyone who dreads the thought of surgery and is looking for a double chin non surgical treatment. You get proven results without surgery, incisions, or hospital stay. Moreover, the procedure is quick and simple. It is performed as an in-office procedure and takes about 20 to 30 minutes per session, which makes it convenient for everyone.

The procedure is well tolerated and safe with minimal risk and minimal side effects. The few side effects, such as bruising and swelling, are relatively mild and only temporary. They will gradually subside over the few weeks following the procedure.

Fat that is removed with the chin injections does not return – they are removed permanently. As long as you maintain a healthy lifestyle and don’t put on excessive weight, your double chin will not return.

Are There Any Risks Involved?

There are no major risks involved with these chin fat dissolving injections but as with any type of procedure, there are a few side effects that you can expect such as:

  • Bruising
  • Discomfort
  • Redness at injection sites
  • Swelling
  • Itching or prickly sensation
  • Numbness
  • Areas of firmness

All of these side effects are mild and temporary.

Who Is A Good Candidate For Double Chin Injections?

Double chin injections are generally safe and well suited to anyone who is unhappy with their double chin and is looking for a quick and convenient way to get rid of the excess chin fat and get a more defined chin and jawline. This treatment is suitable for men and women of any age who have submental fullness, regardless of whether it is caused due to weight gain, aging, or genetics.

Before approving you for Belkyra, the most important thing your cosmetic surgeon will take into consideration is your overall health. You will only be approved if you are in good health and do not have any underlying medical condition that may compromise your health as well as the treatment itself.

Your doctor will advise against chin injections if you are pregnant or breastfeeding or if you are taking medications for any underlying medical condition. Belkyra may also not be suited to individuals who have very loose skin around the chin and neck areas. These injections only target fat deposits under the skin. They do not tighten or rejuvenate the appearance of the skin. You won’t get the results you are hoping for if you have a lot of lax skin under the chin. Most importantly, these injections are not a weight-loss tool and should not be considered as one. They simply remove the fat to contour and define the jaw and chin. They do not help to lose weight.

Why Should You Choose Dr. Adam Najem?

Dr. Adam Najem is a highly skilled and experienced cosmetic surgeon. He has earned a reputation for his unparalleled skills in a wide range of cosmetic procedures including double chin treatments.

Dr. Adam Najem offers two types of cosmetic treatments to redefine your chin: Belkyra double chin injections. He has helped many patients achieve a defined jawline through Vaser and Belkyra treatments. He uses the most advanced techniques and equipment, which, combined with his skills and experience, create effective, natural results for all patients.

If you want to learn more about how a double chin treatment can help you transform your jawline, book your free consultation now. You will be invited to attend a free in-depth consultation to examine your double chin and identify the best option. At this consultation, Dr. Najem will guide you through the process and help you understand what to expect during and after the treatment. He will also show you Belkyra before and after photographs so you know what to expect from the procedure. It’s most important to have realistic expectations.

Double Chin Treatment Before & After

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Belkyra Injection FAQS

This can vary considerably from one individual to another depending on a number of factors. At your first consultation, you will get a breakdown of how much your chin injections will cost depending on the extent of the treatment required and your personal goals.

Most individuals need two to three sessions to get the desired results. This can vary depending on the amount of fat that needs to be removed.

Yes, the results after chin injection look completely natural. This is because the procedure simply removes excess fat from under the chin and this fat removal helps to slim down and contour your profile. Nothing is done to alter your natural features.

These injections are administered after the area to be treated is numbed with an anaesthetic. This helps to minimise the pain and discomfort during the procedure. You may feel some pain after the anaesthetic starts to wear off. Applying ice over the treated area and using over-the-counter painkillers can help reduce any post-treatment pain and inflammation.

Liposuction is the more conventional method of treating double chin and definitely has its benefits. It is also safe and relatively risk-free. The one reason why many individuals prefer Belkyra is that it is a non-surgical treatment and provides a less invasive way to get rid of a double chin without any incisions or scars.

No, there isn’t any downtime required after this procedure. Busy individuals often choose this option because it is a quick, in-office procedure that doesn’t require much downtime.

The results of these chin injections are permanent. Once the body eliminates the fat cells that are destroyed by Belkyra, they are eliminated forever and the body is unable to produce more fat cells. As long as you maintain a healthy lifestyle and do not put on excess weight after the procedure, the results will last forever.

Disclaimer: Prior to considering any cosmetic surgery procedure, it is advised that you learn about the procedure from your cosmetic practitioner. When you visit the clinic, Dr Adam Najem will explain the procedure to you including the risks involved and the realistic results that could be obtained from the procedure.

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