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Gynaecomastia Surgery
in Sydney NSW

Get a natural, more masculine-looking upper body with gynaecomastia surgery. Also known as male breast reduction surgery, this is a cosmetic procedure that addresses unusually large breast tissue in men.

What Is Gynaecomastia Surgery?

Gynaecomastia is a medical term for the condition more commonly known as Man Boobs. This refers to excessive enlargement of fatty breast tissue in males. Although it has no adverse medical implications, the protruding breasts can be a major source of embarrassment for men, often resulting in lowered self-esteem and self-confidence.

Gynaecomastia surgery is a relatively simple procedure that’s performed to remove the excess glandular tissue and fat from the area. This reduces the breast size, creating a flatter chest area for a more natural, masculine look that’s proportional to whole torso. The results are visible immediately. ( final results may take 3-6 months)

The exact procedure change as not flowing well? may differ from one person to another. This is because gynaecomastia manifests differently in different people. It can occur in one or both breasts. In some people it may occur as a general increase in the size of the entire breast. In others, it may be confined to a swelling directly behind the nipple.

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What Causes Man Boobs?

Man boobs are common in men of all ages. The excess tissue around the breasts commonly starts to develop in adolescence because of the surge in hormones during this time. In most cases it reduces naturally as hormones stabilize in late teenage years to early twenties. Sometimes however, the residual breast tissue does not disintegrate through puberty. When this happens, surgery is required to reduce their size and create a flatter-looking chest.

In some people, the excess breast tissue starts to develop later in life. This could happen due to unusually high hormone action triggered by some types of medication, steroid use or recreational drugs. Very often, there’s no identifiable cause of man boobs.

Common causes of Gynaecomastia may include:

  • Hormonal changes that occur during adolescence
  • Increased levels of oestrogen
  • Obesity
  • Extreme weight loss
  • Weight fluctuation
  • Genetics
  • Hormonal changes in middle to later years
  • Androgen imbalances
  • Certain medications
  • Certain medication
  • Use of non-prescription or recreational drugs such as anabolic steroids, cannabis or marijuana
  • Chronic liver or kidney disease

How Does Male Breast Reduction Surgery Work?

Man boob surgery is a very straightforward ( avoid those terms may be)procedure that can be completed as day surgery.

There are several different techniques that can be used to remove the excess fat and tissue and reduce breast size. The practitioner will first perform a thorough physical examination in order to evaluate your breast tissue. Depending on their findings, they will explain the various options that are available for you and help you choose the best technique based on the amount of breast tissue to be removed and other factors.

In general gynaecomastia procedure may involve a combination of liposuction and surgical incisions made around the nipple.

Liposuction is carried out to remove the excess fat tissue around the breast and contour the chest. It involves inserting a narrow tube though tiny incisions and suctioning out the excess fat from the area. The extra fat is removed and simultaneously, a technique is used to contour your chest so that the change in shape and size is immediately visible – and it looks natural. The incisions are very tiny and will fade away and become unnoticeable after a while.

Sometimes, simply suctioning the excess fat is not enough. The practitioner may also need to remove excess loose skin that’s left behind after the fat is removed. Or you may want to decrease the size of the areola or reposition your nipples. Depending on what you’re looking for, the practitioner may need to perform additional procedures to create the perfect overall physique.

The procedure is performed as a day only surgery under Local anasthetic or tiwling or general anaesthesia.

Is It Worth Getting Gynaecomastia Surgery?

Having man boobs creates several issues. Some men experience discomfort and pain from the tender breast tissue. Almost all feel self-conscious about their feminine-looking breasts.

Whether the swelling in your breast tissue is painful or makes you feel less confident, man boob surgery can transform the way you feel. You’ll feel more confident and comfortable as your upper torso acquires a more proportional look, your clothes fit better, and the tenderness subsides. The feel-good factor and boost in self-esteem make this procedure totally worth it.
Moreover, the procedure is Relatively safe with a minimal recovery time and the results are long-lasting.

The Consultation Process: What to Expect

If you are concerned about your enlarged breasts and are looking for a solution, the first thing you need to do is book a consultation with an experienced practitioner. Dr. Adam Najem is a highly skilled gynaecomastia practitioner in Sydney. He has had several years of experience performing this procedure and has earned a stellar reputation for delivering outstanding results.

During your one-on-one consultation, Dr. Najem will listen your needs, aesthetic goals, and expected outcomes. He will ask you all sorts of questions pertaining to your medical history and current health situation to assess your physical and emotional health. Be prepared to answer questions about prescription medications, recreational drugs, smoking and allergies. He will also address any concerns or questions you may have and help you explore the options available to you.

At this first consultation, a thorough breast examination will be done to check for any unusual lumps or abnormalities. Dr. Najem will also make a note of your breast size and shape, positioning of the nipples, and any differences between the breasts. Accordingly he will formulate a personalized plan that’s tailored especially for you.

Dr. Najem encourages his patients to ask questions and voice any concerns they may have. After you are fully satisfied with the answers and are ready to proceed with the procedure, a date will be set.

What To Expect After The Procedure

The results of a man boob surgery can be noticeably immediately. These results vary among patients. Each patient will have a different outcome depending on their amount of fat to be removed, their body type, and desired outcome.

While swelling is minimal after male breast reduction procedures, there will be a little puffiness and bruising around the area where the procedure was done. This will settle over the course of 6 weeks and subside completely after 3 months.

For optimal results, you must rest completely for a minimum of 12 hours immediately after the procedure and avoid strenuous activity for a few days after. You can start gentle exercises around 1 to 2 weeks later.

You will need to wear a surgical vest with foam padding for at least 6 weeks to reduce the recurrence of breast tissue and assist in the contouring of the chest.

Scarring is minimised via strategic incision points. During a male breast reduction procedure, Dr. Najem makes small incisions at the lower border of the areolar. The positioning of the incisions ensures that the scarring is minimal and those too will continue to fade away over time.

Any stitches applied during the surgery will dissolve naturally and painlessly. You don’t need to go to the clinic to get them removed manually.

Meticulously following both pre-and post-op directions will also help ensure the best results.

Looking through male breast reduction (gynaecomastia) before and after photos will give you a better idea of what results you can expect. This can help you in setting realistic expectations for your outcome.

Are You A Good Candidate For Gynaecomastia Surgery?

You are a good candidate from man breast reduction surgery and may benefit from the procedure if any of these apply to you:

  • Your man boobs are a source of embarrassment or discomfort
  • You can never wear tight-fitting or slimline shirts because of your protruding nipples
  • You cover up your upper torso even on the beach in summer because you’re uncomfortable about your oversized breasts
  • You dread taking off your shirt in front of anyone

There are a few basic requirements that you will have to meet before getting approved for gynaecomastia surgery. The most important criteria is that you must be in overall good health and at a stable weight. The practitioner will want to know if you have any underlying medical condition in order to assess any potential risks.

If you are a smoker or drug user, the practitioner will advise you to quit. Depending on the cause of your man boobs, your doctor may have additional recommendations. If the extra fat developed because of steroids or after you started taking prescription medicines, you may need to stop. Your body needs to be free from these substances in order to minimize the risks and ensure the results are longer lasting.

Most important of all, you must have realistic expectations for the outcome. Depending on your body structure, some outcomes may be impossible to achieve. Speak to the practitioner at your consultation and explain exactly what it is you are hoping for so that they can give you the best advice.

How Much Does Gynaecomastia Surgery Cost In Sydney?

The exact cost cannot be determined until after you’ve had a consultation. This is because the cost varies depending on the specific procedure that needs to be performed.

At your consultation, Dr. Najem will discuss the various options available to you. The exact cost of male breast reduction surgery in Sydney can be calculated after you’ve both finalized the procedure and agreed on other specifics.

Cost associated with gynaecomastia surgery may include:

  • practitioner’s and anesthetist’s fees
  • Pre-surgery tests
  • Post-procedure foam-padded surgical vest
  • Costs associated with using the hospital or surgical facility to perform the surgery
  • Post-surgery prescriptions for medicines

Important Things To Take Into Consideration Before Opting For Man Boob Surgery

There are a few very important factors you need to take into considerations before deciding to undergo gynaecomastia surgery. Overlooking these could negatively impact the outcome of the procedure.

  • It’s advisable to wait until the breast tissues are fully developed before considering any surgery to reduce their size. Protruding breasts that develop during adolescence usually reduce in the size as the extra fat and tissue in the breast area dissipate when hormones settle down in your early twenties.
  • Your weight must be stable in order to maintain the results of your procedure. If you are overweight, you will have to lose weight before undergoing male breast reduction surgery. After the procedure, you will have to continue making an effort to keep your weight stable as a lot of weight gain could cause the breasts to increase in size again.
  • Smokers are at higher risk of surgery-related complications. Your doctor may advise you against the procedure if you’re a smoker. If you are serious about getting gynaecomastia surgery to reduce your man boobs, you will have to quit smoking for at least a few weeks prior to the procedure.
  • Man boob surgery requires incisions. These are very tiny and strategically placed in the natural contours of the breasts and areola so they are unnoticeable. Even the minimally visible marks will fade away over time. Sometimes however, the incisions may be visible or may not fade away completely. It’s important to understand that this could be a possibility.
  • You may experience reduced sensation in the nipples and surrounding areas.
  • When scheduling time for your gynaecomastia surgery, you must factor in the healing period. This is critical to the success of the procedure. Typically, patients can expect to resume their daily activities in 5 days and can return to work after about a week. Those in professions that require heavy lifting may need to take more time off. Patients should also avoid exercise over the period in which the compression vest must be worn.
  • Take time to understand what a reasonable outcome is by looking at the before and after photos. Not all outcomes are achievable. A lot will depend on your natural body structure, the contours of your upper torso, and the amount of fat and tissue that needs to be removed. If you harbour unreasonable preconceived ideas of how you want your chest to look you will be disappointed in the outcome despite the improved appearance.

Further information on Gynaecomastia

Your Expert Consultation with Dr. Adam Najem, Leading Gynaecomastia practitioner, Sydney

Dr. Najem is an Australian trained Cosmetic practitioner with several years of experience in body reshaping procedures. He has performed hundreds of successful male breast reduction surgeries.

During your consultation, Dr. Adam will spend time with you to identify and assess your goals before offering you any recommendations.

You will receive an honest and professional opinion on whether male breast reduction surgery is for you, and whether we can help you achieve your desired outcome. Only when you and Dr. Adam are both happy, will we proceed with recommending male breast reduction surgery as an option to you.

Dr. Najem will first draw out a plan that’s specifically tailored to meet your needs. All procedures are carried out while adhering to the highest standards in safety.

Gynaecomastia Before And After

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Gynaecomastia Surgery FAQ's

The complete procedure starts from $5,000. However the cost varies from one person to the next depending on the exact procedure required. Your final cost will be determined after consultation with Dr. Najem.

Yes, male breast surgery is relatively resafe when performed by a skilled practitioner. Following the doctor’s advice meticulously before and after the procedure is crucial to minimizing any associated risks.

There is minimal pain associated with the procedure. The degree of pain will depend mainly on how extensive the breast tissue is, your designed outcome, and the type of procedure that the practitioner will need to perform. The doctor will prescribe pain medications to reduce the post-surgery pain.

Yes, the surgery is performed either under local anasthetic or under general anaesthesia.

The procedure will remove the excess fat and glandular tissue from the breasts so that your chest looks flatter. The improved upper torso will boost your self-confidence and self-esteem as you feel better about yourself and your clothes fit better too.

A skilled practitioner will plan the incision points strategically to minimize any scaring. The incisions are usually made at the lower border of the areolar or the creases in the breast, which makes any scars inconspicuous. Moreover, these scars will fade away and become completely invisible over time. Sometimes, however, the procedure can cause noticeable scars because of the shape of the areola or the amount of fat that needs to be removed.

You will be required to take complete rest for at least 12 hours immediately following the procedure. Most patients resume their everyday activities after a few days and get back to work after about a week. If your job involves heavy lifting you may need to take additional time off to let the tissues heal completely. Your doctor will give you precise instructions depending on your circumstances.

You may be able to start gentle exercises only about 1 to 2 weeks after the procedure – not before. However, you should refrain from vigorous physical activities for at least 3 to 4( 6-8 weeks ) week from the surgery. You will need to go in for periodic check-ups so your doctor can make sure that the tissue is healing properly. You will be given the go-ahead to resume sporting activities and heavy exercising only if your post-procedure check-ups show that the tissue has healed completely.

Any surgical procedure comes with a certain level of risk, including infection, scarring, or bruising. Specific risks of man boob surgery include:

  • Breast asymmetry
  • Nipple necrosis
  • Nipple sensory disturbances

When you book a consultation with us, we will first discuss every aspect of the procedure and address any questions you may have, including potential complications.

Male breast reduction surgery is not recommended for males in their early teenage years. It’s best to wait till you’re in your late teens or early twenties and then consult with a gynaecomastia practitioner. Gynecomastia usually develops during the teenage years because of the surge of hormones at this time. In most cases, the excess fat and tissue will dissipate and your breast size will reduce naturally as your hormones stabilize in your twenties. It can be tough but it’s best to be patient and avoid unnecessary man boob surgery in your teens.

Ideally, you should be at your optimum weight before scheduling a gynaecomastia procedure. This is because the skin around the breast area may start to sag after you lose the excess weight, negating the effects of the surgery.

Ideally BMI of < 32 .

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Disclaimer: Prior to considering any cosmetic surgery procedure, it is advised that you learn about the procedure from your cosmetic practitioner. When you visit the clinic, Dr Adam Najem will explain the procedure to you including the risks involved and the realistic results that could be obtained from the procedure.

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